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January 25, 2022

House Beautiful Whole Home 2021: The Jewel Box

Tasked with designing a media room within the House Beautiful Whole Home in Fredericksburg, TX, but not wanting to settle for a typical ‘screens and seats’ layout, husband-and-wife duo Heather and Matt French of French & French Interiors added multifunctionality and cozy energy to this space by incorporating guest room elements. By adding a hidden pull-out bed, a guest bathroom, an attached closet, and lots of inviting spots to sit down, the designers elevated this hangout space from a boring media room to a welcoming, multi-purpose ‘chill cave.’ aptly named The Jewel Box.

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January 07, 2022

House Beautiful Whole Home 2021: The Tasting Room

The Tasting Room in the House Beautiful Whole Home is the ideal space for sharing cocktails and stories with loved ones. Armed with the challenge of utilizing a passageway space with lots of doors, designer Jean Liu decided to incorporate modern, artistic vibes both indoors and outdoors. From the Sip Zone, to the Wet Bar, to the outdoor Breezeway, Jean incorporated her signature “warm and edited” style into this space and chose to highlight the work of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAIP) designers throughout the room. Bringing together notes of brass, pink, black, and white, this stunning Tasting Room is perfect for storing bottles, hosting cocktail parties, or enjoying a nightcap.

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December 17, 2021

House Beautiful Whole Home 2021: The Landing Zone

This sprawling living room of the House Beautiful Whole Home feels welcoming and comfortable, thanks to designer Emilie Munroe, who melded a variety of colors and textures to create an inviting and happy space aptly named The Landing Zone. “Let’s be bold, let’s be colorful, let’s be vibrant and forward-thinking and create a magical environment for welcoming people into this home”. From the sunset-inspired feature wall, to the unique seating and comfy couches, to the vibrant decor details - this unique entrance area and family room is the ultimate blend of whimsical and warm to welcome everyone into this home.

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December 17, 2021

Make the Details Matter

There’s no question about it - the magic is in the details. Minor design elements in a home, like door and cabinet fronts, doggy doors, and even the simplest air vent covers all send subliminal messages about our interior style, who we are and what we love. When designing a stunning and elevated space, it’s crucial to pay attention to all these small but impactful moments...after all, lots of moments make up meaningful memories!

At Architectural Grille, we’re all about celebrating the details that add character and unique, artistic charm to everyday home features. 

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November 24, 2021

House Beautiful Whole Home 2021: The Workshop

The Workshop space inside the House Beautiful Whole Home, designed by Stephanie Sabbe of Sabbe Interior Design, seamlessly blends homey elements of both work and play to become an all-in-one utility area. Complete with a work desk, laundry, storage space, and a doggy wash station, this resourceful area reminds you that the most mundane tasks can be filled with fun. From hosing off the dog after a pool day in the backyard, to jotting down tomorrow night’s dinner recipe, or having the kiddos fold their clothes on a Sunday - this space brings aspects of family and togetherness in the day to day.

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November 10, 2021

Design Tip: Using Architectural Metal Panels to Elevate a Space

Whether you’re looking to add an artistic element, create privacy, hide an unsightly neighbor’s backyard, or vary an existing design palette by adding color and texture within a room - our custom, laser-cut metal products offer unique ways to enhance the look of any interior or exterior space with architectural accent panels.

Decorative panels elevate any residential or commercial project by offering custom metal solutions with a wide scope of uses that are only limited by your imagination.

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October 25, 2021

House Beautiful Whole Home 2021: The Party Plaza

What makes the perfect outdoor space? It has to include a cozy conversation spot (or two!), easy access to snacks and drinks, different types of entertainment, and an escape from the scorching summer weather to make lots of memories with family and friends all year round. For the House Beautiful Whole Home, located in Fredericksburg, Texas, the pool is definitely the central backyard feature. Los Angeles designer Linda Hayslett with L.H. Designs believes that “every room needs a purpose” and wanted to transform the pool and patio area into a full-on Party Plaza by integrating purposeful elements for conversation, entertainment, cooking, and of course - soaking up the sun!

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