Design Trend of the Month: Binaries

Design Trend of the Month: Binaries

One trend we’re seeing recently in the design world is a certain playfulness with binaries. Designers are having fun letting opposites bounce off one another, creating interesting juxtapositions. 

Take, for example, one of the prominent color trends of the moment: black and white. At opposite ends of the spectrum, the balance of light and dark can pull a room in one direction or the other. 

White Kitchen with Dark Accents

Black and White Kitchen

Black and White Table

This trend isn’t just about black and white, though. We’re seeing high contrasts of all kinds, including dark wood paired with light hardware and industrial materials paired with soft fabrics or natural elements like branches and plants.

Pink Contrast Wall

Hanging chair and neutral wall

Kitchen Table

Colorful couch

For us, the concept of the binary is all about the basic need for duality in design. This was the inspiration we took when designing the Binaries Perforated Grille, one of the newest additions to our collection of perforated grille designs. This design utilizes a simple shape, the line, in two different ways: standard and elongated.

Binary Grille

The binary grille design lends itself perfectly to functional ventilation and ideal airflow, and looking at it brings a sense of balance and equilibrium.


Here at ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE, we stay ahead of design trends so that we can provide our clients with metalwork that meets their needs, from grilles to custom pieces. We love it when a client finds a pattern within our vast array of grille designs that perfectly complements their current project, but if the perfect pattern doesn’t exist, we can surely create it. Questions about custom grille designs? Contact us or, if you know what you’re looking for, request a quote.