How do I measure my grilles? What size grille do I need for my project?

In order to properly measure your grilles, it is critical to understand that it is the clear opening in your floor, wall or ceiling that our grille sizing is based on. Our grilles are manufactured slightly undersized to ensure a proper friction fit and compensate for any duct work or floor opening craftsmanship variances.

Do your grilles come with mounting holes?

Our grilles come with the option of mounting holes, but this needs to be specified with the estimator at the quote stage. The mounting holes are counter sunk into the frame, ensuring that the screw head is flush with the frame. Mounting holes are required for a side wall or ceiling application, though typically not for a drop-in floor, countertop or window sill application unless the customer would like to secure the grille into any of these surfaces.

I don’t want to buy custom grilles, do you make any stock products I can buy off the shelf?

We offer both linear bar grilles and perforated grilles in industry sizes, materials and finishes - check our online store for availability and pricing of stock products.

Do you offer any eco-friendly products?

Our green bar product line is manufactured using post-consumer 94% recycled aluminum, we are also able to fabricate perforated grilles in this same material if requested. We are constantly exploring new and creative ways to incorporate sustainable and locally sourced materials into our expanding product line, including woods and other recycled resources. If you have anything specific in mind, just ask your estimator!

Do you offer dampers with your grilles, or the ability to open and close the blades?

Dampers are not a standard feature offered with our linear bar grilles product line, however we are able to custom make a bar grille with damper to your specifications.

Why choose Architectural Grille over another vendor?

We are a 3rd generation family owned company and extremely proud to have always been located in Brooklyn, NY. We hire local craftsman who are experienced in their specialized fields, and also are committed to training new people interested in learning the craft of metal fabrication. Being environmentally conscientious and understanding the importance of sustainable resources, we installed 80,000 square feet of solar panels on our roof in October 2013 to fully harness solar energy which will power our advanced technology and machinery on the factory floor. Recognized as industry leaders and being at the forefront of the architectural grille industry since the 1940s, we are Architectural Grille…


How long will it take to get my grilles?

As we are a custom fabrication company, all of our grilles are custom made and finished onsite in Brooklyn, NY. The lead time for your order is based on variables such as size, quantity, complexity of design/pattern, finish, sourcing of special order materials, finish, etc. Your estimator will be able to give you a more precise lead time when you submit a quote.

Do you ship overseas?

We ship domestically and internationally all over the world, please ask your estimator for an overseas shipping quote.

Do I receive a tracking number to follow my order once it has been shipped?

You will be provided with an email notification when your order has been shipped, within that email will be a link to track the shipment status of your order. In the event that the link does not properly work, go to and enter the tracking number provided in the shipment notification email into the space provided.


What is your guarantee policy?

Customers and customer satisfaction are our number one priority at Architectural Grille, and we stand behind all of our high quality, custom products fabricated at our factory in Brooklyn, NY. If you are not completely satisfied with your product, please contact us immediately by phone: 718-832-1200 or email, alternatively you can directly contact your estimator as well.

What is your exchange policy?

Our exchange policy is outlined in your order’s packing list.

What is your refund policy?

Stock Return:

  • Stock items can be returned within thirty (30) days of purchase
  • To be eligible for a stock return, your item must be unused and cannot be a modified stock item
  • Please note that a restocking fee may apply
  • Contact for further assistance (please provide requested information below)

Custom Orders – Freight Damage or Factory Error:

  • If freight damage or a factory error has occurred, Architectural Grille will arrange to have the product(s) picked up/shipped for repair
  • Please keep the product(s) in the original shipment packaging
  • Contact for further assistance (please provide requested information below)

Please provide the below information with email correspondence to

  • Sales Order Number and/or Pack List Number
  • Reason for Return request
  • Image / Picture of Product to be returned (if applicable)
  • Contact Number or Email for follow-up
  • If your order is being picked up/shipped for repair, please provide the pick-up location address and contact number


What is your gHow do I pay for custom grilles that are not listed on the website?

Our custom products need to be approved by an estimator and payment will be arranged directly with our Accounting department. For more information please contact 718-832-1200 or

I purchased stock product grilles through your online store, and am waiting for my order confirmation?

Once your order has been placed, it will be reviewed and approved by an estimator to ensure all order details are correct. Once this has been completed, you will receive an email notification. Occasionally, based on the user’s email settings, the notification can be in your junk mailbox, be sure to check this location is you do not receive it in a timely manner. If you require us to resend the notification, please contact 718-832-1200 or

My credit card does not seem to work in the shopping cart, what do I do?

if you experience trouble during the payment process online, please contact us at 718-832-1200 or to complete your purchase.