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  8. Grille Type or Style: Linear Bar Grille: for example AG10 B Frame (click here for Linear Bar Grille Frame Styles) OR Perforated Grille: for example #200 Square Link (click here for Perforated Grille Styles)
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Please review the below technical considerations and include this information (if it is applicable for your estimate request)

  • All Linear Bar Grilles are made by opening size (slot where Grille is to be placed) unless instructed otherwise - you will need to leave a 1/8" or 1/16clearance
  • Perforated Grilles are fabricated based on the overall/finished size including the borders
  • Where is the Grille going? Have you requested support bars for high traffic Floor Grilles or screw holes for mounting where needed?
  • All Grilles are made Height x Length which is “A” Dimension x “B” Dimension
  • Border sizes may be adjusted (larger) depending upon the layout of the pattern.  If you need exact borders it is required to inform your estimator as this requires a different manufacturing process and different pricing structure
  • Please inform your estimator if you are in need of screw holes, mounting requirements, access doors, edges which need to be beveled or bent to a specific angle, or mitered  corners
  • If you are requesting a bronze or brass Grille, please indicate if you would like your order lacquered or un-lacquered
  • All Grilles are finished on the face only - If you need both sides of your Grille to be finished, please advise your Estimator

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