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PROJECT: The House Beautiful Whole Home Project Concept House 2018 - Reveal

ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE partnered with House Beautiful to provide custom HVAC Grilles (Vent Covers) throughout The Whole Home Project Concept House that was designed and built in Atlanta, GA. With The Whole Home Project, House Beautiful and a selective team of partners, including ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE, set out to prove that a dream house can be more than pretty: It should help you live you very best life.

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PROJECT: The House Beautiful Whole Home Project Concept House 2018 - Introduction

ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE is partnering with House Beautiful to provide custom HVAC Grilles (Vent Covers) throughout The Whole Home Project Concept House being designed and built in Atlanta, GA. The project will celebrate living harmoniously with wellness and technology - including a kitchen designed to make you healthier, and an entryway/garage organized to eliminate clutter and promote calmness.

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PROJECT: Shantideva Center

ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE was approached by Frederick Tang of Frederick Tang Architecture to provide our original Spackle In J-Frame Bar Grilles for HVAC ceiling and wall applications throughout the new Shantideva Center located in Park Slope (Brooklyn), NY. With the Center being located in our neighborhood, and several of our staff having the personal experience of attending yoga practice at the studio, it was an extra special personal joy to work on this project.

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PROJECT: Chatham High School Performing Arts Center

ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE recently worked with Parrette Somjen Architects + the John O'Hara Company on an exciting renovation project of the Chatham High School Performing Arts Center in New Jersey. The client wanted to incorporate elements of the Frank Lloyd Wright® Signature Grille Collection to reflect Mid-Century Modern aesthetics.

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September 29, 2017

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rise in the city - An Event Inspiring Change!

ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE is excited to be participating in rise in the city - a unique art event based on New York City, featuring a competition, exhibit and auction, created to catalyze social enterprises in Africa. A truly unique experience where 500 influencers in design and construction discover how architecture combined with social enterprise can solve poverty problems in Africa.

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VIDEO: How to Measure a Linear Bar Grille

Need help trying to measure for your Linear Bar Grille? ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE has released a "How To Measure A Linear Bar Grille" tutorial video outlining how to take measurements correctly for a Linear Bar Grille, what Grille Clearance is and the difference between Flange and Flange-less Grille options.

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Architectural Grille Launches YouTube Channel

ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE is proud to announce that we have launched a YouTube Channel as an educational tool for our customers. If you want to learn more about our custom HVAC Grille styles/designs, materials and finishes, then you need to subscribe to the Architectural Grille channel today!

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