Since 1945, Architectural Grille has evolved from a single product line to an industry leader with a diverse offering of architectural metal products for residential, commercial, retail and hospitality industries.

Our manufacturing facility in Brooklyn, NY incorporates state-of-the-art machinery such as CNC Punch, Laser and Waterjet technologies with extensive services and capabilities including AutoCAD design, welding, bending, powder coating and finishing. Arch Grille can fabricate products from most materials including aluminum, brass, bronze, steel and stainless steel.

From the design process through to fabrication and out the door, the entire team at Architectural Grille is dedicated to delivering custom products of the highest quality along with exceptional service.

As technology, manufacturing and our clients continue to evolve, so will Architectural Grille.

History in the products

Architectural Grille is proud to offer a growing selection of curated grille collections representing many years of research, investment and design development to give our clients creative architectural metal product solutions.

From our engineers to our hand polishers, each craftsman at Arch Grille knows the importance of perfection. Our meticulously made custom grilles reflect the precision and craftsmanship that has made Architectural Grille renowned for producing the finest grilles available.

Anthony Giumenta

President and Founder of Architectural Grille

Born and raised in the Dyker Heights area of Brooklyn. Anthony began his career working alongside his mentor and father Federico Giumenta and his two brothers Michael and Fred. For more than forty years Anthony worked in the family business-Utility Brass & Bronze which specialized in metal railings and caseworks. With his hands-on-experience and degree in Architectural & Mechanical Design, Anthony seized the opportunity and formed Architectural Grille.
Architectural Grille fills a niche in the industry providing custom linear bar and perforated grilles to custom sizes and specifications. With over fifty employees, Architectural Grille offers a wide variety of material and finishes and with the latest state-of-the-art technology such as the Waterjet System and the CNC Laser Cutting Machine there are few limitations on what can be done. Today, Architectural Grille is under the leadership of Anthony and his two sons Anthony Jr., and Stephen and is proud to be recognized as one of the top manufacturer's of grilles in the industry.
Anthony and his wife, Rochelle have three children, Anthony Jr., Stephen and Michelle. They are also the proud grandparents of five. Anthony is an active member of the Staten Island Rotary Club and served on the Board of Directors for over fourteen years of the East Shore Little League. To add to his credentials, Anthony served as a Staff Sergeant in the Army Reserve for six years and was stationed in the Fort Hamilton Army base.

  • Family owned
    and operated since 1945

  • Architectural Grille began as a Division of Giumenta Corporation. Founder Federico Giumenta Sr., started this family owned and operated company in 1945 under the name Utility Brass & Bronze.

    At that time, the business focused on ornamental hand crafted metalwork that stressed the importance of quality. With the help of Federico’s three sons - Michael, Federico Jr. and Anthony the business began to grow and prosper due to hard work, dedication and above all, quality workmanship.

  • In 1983, the company evolved into what it is called today - Architectural Grille - operating as a fully functional manufacturing plant that specializes in custom linear bar grilles and perforated grilles with a wide selection of materials and finishes. Using the latest state of the art technology, such as the Laser cutting machine, the Waterjet cutting system and CNC Punching machines, the possibilities of what can be accomplished are endless.

Arch Grille has found its place in all areas of construction, fabrication & interior design.

“Hard work leads to quality”

The company’s products have been used for air conditioning, heating, ventilation, decorative screening, and artwork to name a few. Architectural Grille has been involved in numerous projects around the world that range from large scale government jobs to small home owner projects.