House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House 2019 Up Close: The Kitchen and Pantry

Next up on our tour of the 2019 House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House in Nashville, Tennessee: the kitchen and adjoining working pantry. 

House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House Kitchen

The Designer: Matthew Quinn, Principal at Design Galleria Kitchen and Bath Studio. This was Matthew’s second year working with House Beautiful on the Whole Home Concept House, so, like ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE, he knew what he was getting himself into and was excited to take on the challenge!

The Task: Create a communal space that encourages a holistic approach to healthy eating through smart touches that save time.

House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House Pantry

The Inspiration: Function, warmth, and beauty. Matthew told House Beautiful that — while they each have their own distinct personality — color, texture, and pattern marry the kitchen and the working pantry.

House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House Kitchen Dog Bed

Don’t miss the… 

  • Under-the-counter dog bed built into the kitchen island, so man’s best friend is never far from the action
  • Easy-clean Caesarstone quartz countertop paired with a wood surface that has a built-in charging pad to avoid tangled cords
  • Signature Kitchen Suite integrated refrigerators and freezers, including an integrated column wine refrigerator sure to impress even the most sophisticated at-home wine collector 

House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House Kitchen Wine Fridge

House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House Kitchen Custom Toe Kicks Architectural Grille


  • Custom brass toe kicks designed to provide ventilation for built-in refrigeration drawers and to complement the ‘chevron’ pattern featured throughout the kitchen
  • Pantry cabinets infilled with custom brass ‘chevron’ perforated grille panels

House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House Kitchen Pantry Architectural Grille

We’re honored to be among the design partners and sponsors who contributed to House Beautiful’s 2019 Whole Home Concept House. Built by Castle Homes in partnership with House Beautiful and Wellness Within Your Walls and powered by LG Electronics, the 6,201-square-foot home brings together the visions of the nation’s top designers. Proceeds from tours of the home, which is open daily through November 3, 2019, benefit the Nashville Symphony’s free music education programming. For more, see our tour of the music room, and stay tuned for more close-ups in the coming weeks. 

Photos 1-4 by David Land