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  • House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House 2018 Up Close

    House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House 2018 Up Close

    ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE partnered with House Beautiful to provide custom HVAC Grilles (Vent Covers) throughout The Whole Home Project Concept House that was designed and built in Atlanta, GA. With The Whole Home Project, House Beautiful and a selective team of partners, including ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE, set out to prove that a dream house can be more than pretty: It should help you live you very best life.

  • PROJECT: Shantideva Center

    PROJECT: Shantideva Center

    ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE was approached by Frederick Tang of Frederick Tang Architecture to provide our original Spackle In J-Frame Bar Grilles for HVAC ceiling and wall applications throughout the new Shantideva Center located in Park Slope (Brooklyn), NY. With the Center being located in our neighborhood, and several of our staff having the personal experience of attending yoga practice at the studio, it was an extra special personal joy to work on this project.