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House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House 2020 Up Close: The Playroom

Our grilles and custom metalwork can be spotted throughout the entire house. First, we walked you through the stunning artisan kitchen, which features our custom brass infill panels. Then, we stopped by the treehouse-inspired dining room, followed by a visit to the tea room for a relaxing cup, followed by a walkthrough of the all-in-one Boomer Suite. Now, stop by for a drink and family time in the Playroom.

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January 09, 2020

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Architectural Grille Unveils 12 New Perforated Grille Designs

ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE has added 12 new designs to its wide-ranging collection of perforated grille patterns. Inspired by nature, art, and historical design movements, the company’s curated collection of designs is constantly expanding in order to meet the needs of clients looking for grilles to complement unique residential or commercial styles, as well as those looking for historically accurate patterns for use in renovation projects.

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Architectural Grille Featured Throughout House Beautiful’s Second Annual Whole Home Concept House 2019 In Nashville

House Beautiful Whole Home Concept HouseARCHITECTURAL GRILLE’s custom grilles and metalwork feature prominently throughout House Beautiful’s 2019 Whole Home Concept House located in Nashville, Tennessee. ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE contributed to several rooms in the home, including the kitchen, the master bedroom and bathroom, the exercise room, the living room, and the music room, as well as custom HVAC grilles throughout the house.

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November 02, 2015

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Press: NYC Small Business Solutions

After Hurricane Sandy, ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE was able to train select employees on JobBoss, AutoCad, Lean Mastery and other factory-specific software under the NYC Department of Small Business Services' Customized Training program.

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Press: Proud of our Veteran Employees

Co-Owner & Design Engineer,
 Stephen Giumenta was recently interviewed by Leslie Albrecht for DNA Info about the benefits of retaining older workers. The article, "How Older Workers Are Helping Small NYC Businesses Thrive", highlights our older employees being the company's backbone and the importance of veteran workers imparting their extensive knowledge to incoming employees who are just starting out in the metalworking industry.

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