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Minimalist design at its best...the original Spackle In J-Frame Grille by Architectural Grille offers a sleek + simple finish when your project needs a "less is more" approach to HVAC grilles.

Back in 1990, in response to client requests for an easy "clean line" installation method for wall and ceiling HVAC applications in residential and commercial locations, our sales engineers researched and developed the original Spackle In J-Frame Grille.

Our signature Spackle In J-Frame Grille allows for easy installation using common drywall screws and spackle to achieve a sleek aesthetic finish with no visible mounting screws to detract from the overall visual design of the space.

When you are in need of a low profile modern HVAC grille, there is no substitute for the authentic premium Spackle In J-Frame Grille with unparalleled quality and design by Architectural Grille. Contact Architectural Grille to request a quote and speak to one of our metal fabrication specialists about your custom order or buy stock sizes online today!