Spackle In J-Frame AG10 Bar Grille with Removable Core

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Fabricated with post-consumer 94% recycled aluminum with a brushed satin finish and available in a wide range of industry standard sizes, the Spackle In J-Frame AG10 Bar Grille with Removable Core is ideal for ceiling and wall applications where a flush, borderless installation is required and the grille core needs to be removable. The "less is more" look achieved allows for clean line and minimalist design when using this premium quality product for your next modern residential or commercial project.


Standard Features:

  • 0° Deflection
  • Weld-Lock constructed for maximum durability
  • Pencil Proof: ¼” spacing between bars
  • Pre-punched fastening points provided for quick installation with standard drywall screws
  • Sizes shown are inside measurements of stock grille, the actual opening should be 1/16" larger to ensure proper fit
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Material: Aluminum*

Finish: Satin or Primed White

*post-consumer 94% recycled aluminum

Method of Fastening:

  • #513: Drop-in Grille "Spackle in Frame" Removable Core with Fastening Tabs* (core can be removed)
  • *NOTE: Custom Hex Key and Head Screws for Fastening Tabs are provided