Spackle In K-Frame Bar Grille

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Architectural Grille offers the original Spackle In K-Frame Bar Grille with a variety of core styles depending on desired deflection and diffusion for any modern space. It is designed to be installed BEFORE drywall and is ideal for ceiling and wall applications where a flush, borderless installation is required to achieve a clean line and minimalist design - "less is more" with this premium quality product for your next residential or commercial project.

Manufactured using post-consumer 94% recycled aluminum, the Spackle In K-Frame Bar Grille can help you achieve LEED™ credits and certification for your next “green” project.

Two (2) Methods of Fastening are available:

  • #519: Drop-in Grille "Spackle in Frame" - welded core cannot be removed
  • #520: Drop-in Grille "Spackle in Frame" Removable Core with Fastening Tabs* (core can be removed)
  • *NOTE: Custom Hex Key and Head Screws for Fastening Tabs are provided with #520 option

The Spackle In K-Frame Bar Grille is available in a variety of materials and finishes, and can also be customized to your needs and project standards - request a quote today!

Spackle In K-Frame Bar Grille core styles include: AG10; AG20; AG30; AG40; AG50; AG60 (see thumbnails for individual cross-section profiles)

Standard Features:

  • Flush borderless installation for plaster and drywall applications
  • Designed to be installed BEFORE drywall
  • Ideal for wall and/or ceiling applications
  • Creates a smooth, seamless clean look
  • Grille becomes part of the wall and/or ceiling
  • Pre-punched fastening points provided for quick installation with standard drywall screws
  • Mitered Corners available
  • Custom Spacing between bars available
Material Finish
Aluminum Satin, Mirror Polish, Primed, Anodized Colors (Clear, Black, Duranodic: Light, Medium, Dark), Powder Coating Colors
Brass** Satin, Mirror Polish, Statuary (US10B): Light, Medium, Dark
Bronze** Satin, Mirror Polish, Statuary (US10B): Light, Medium, Dark
Stainless Steel**  Satin, Mirror Polish


NOTE: Please be advised that Architectural Grille does not provide anodizing services onsite, as a result we cannot be responsible for additional lead time(s) incurred. If you would like to select a powder coat color similar to an anodized color we now have that option available - please ask your Estimator for further details.