Waterjet & Laser Technology

Waterjet Technology and Architectural Grille – A perfect fit together.

Architectural Grille is proud to offer the Waterjet System to our customers. This state of the art technology eliminates the barriers in grille manufacturing and design. The waterjet is a powerful tool which gives us the capability to cut any pattern in any type of material with pin point accuracy. This “cutting edge” technology allows architects and designers the freedom to create any custom grille, grating, or logo design.

A cut above the rest.

The waterjet’s unique computer software allows us to duplicate any design and it provides the capability to transfer designs onto any material. More importantly, the image can be stored in our system’s memory for future use and greater expediency.


The waterjet advantage.

The waterjet’s abrasive cutting system offers the most precise and accurate cut possible by using a combination of high pressure water and garnet abrasive. This system can cut through materials other machines can not. The waterjet has the ability to cut through materials in any thickness. It is now possible to cut complex shapes and design patterns in materials such as paper, wood, glass, marble, CorianTM, linoleum and all metals.

Architectural Grille is happy to provide our customers with a new, cost saving alternative to the conventional methods of decorative grille manufacturing.

Custom Capabilities with Laser.

The CNC laser system is a virtual cutting powerhouse. This unique laser-cutting system operates according to the FlyCut principle, allowing us to cut quickly and accurately regardless of the weight or thickness of the material. One of the greatest assets of the laser is its ability to cut through a variety of thick and thin materials. But the capabilities extend beyond just cutting. Lasers can mark parts for identification, add center punch points to material, and process coated sheets of material.

Lasers enable us to provide you consistent edge quality and accuracy with unmatched reliability and productivity. We enjoy the challenges of producing your most difficult designs.