Measuring Perforated Grilles


Measure to determine your Opening Size: C = Top to Bottom (Opening Width) and D = Left to Right (Opening Length). Determine your Border Size: E = Left to Right Border and F = Top to Bottom Border and specify Overall Grille Size: A = Grille Top to Bottom (Grille Width) and B = Grille Left to Right (Grille Length). It is recommended to specify a large enough border to completely cover your rough opening. Watch our "How To Measure a Perforated Grille" video above to get more specific instructions. Our fabrication specialists can assist you in determining the perfect fit for your project.

Measurements should match the width and length of your desired finished piece. It is recommended to allow for clearance when using stiffeners. NOTE: Grilles are manufactured to the size given, and WILL NOT be automatically undersized.

  1. Determine OPENING SIZE = Measure the INSIDE of your opening: (C) = Opening Width and (D) = Opening Length
  2. Determine BORDER SIZE (amount of solid material around the perforated pattern): (E) = Left to Right Border and (F) = Top to Bottom Border. Note that border size is critical so unfinished opening edges are not visible through the grille pattern.
  3. Determine OVERALL GRILLE SIZE: (A) = Grille Top to Bottom (Grille Width) and (B) = Grille Left to Right (Grille Length)
  4. Choose your Pattern Style and Pattern Size/Dimension
  5. Choose Method of Fastening (Screw Holes*, Stiffeners, Angle)
  6. Choose Material Thickness
  7. Choose Material and Finish

NOTE: Screw Holes are only provided if requesting mountings #601, #602 or #605. Holes are placed .375” off edge of hole center UNLESS specified. Notify you estimator of specific screw hole layout requirements.


 Download Perforated Grilles Measurement Guidelines PDF

For additional installation information please contact a sales person at 800-387-6267.