Our History

Architectural Grille – Family owned and operated since 1945.

Architectural Grille began as a Division of Giumenta Corporation. Founder Federico Giumenta Sr., started this family owned and operated company in 1945 under the name Utility Brass & Bronze.

At that time, the business focused on ornamental hand crafted metalwork that stressed the importance of quality. With the help of Federico’s three sons - Michael, Federico Jr. and Anthony the business began to grow and prosper due to hard work, dedication and above all, quality workmanship.

In 1983, the company evolved into what it is called today - Architectural Grille - operating as a fully functional manufacturing plant that specializes in custom linear bar grilles and perforated grilles with a wide selection of materials and finishes. Using the latest state of the art technology, such as the Laser cutting machine, the Waterjet cutting system and CNC Punching machines, the possibilities of what can be accomplished are endless.


Architectural Grille has found its place in all areas of construction, fabrication and interior design.

The company’s products have been used for air conditioning, heating, ventilation, decorative screening, and artwork to name a few. Architectural Grille has been involved in numerous projects around the world that range from large scale government jobs to small home owner projects.

Anthony Giumenta now shares his father’s legacy – “hard work leads to quality” - with his own two sons, Anthony and Stephen. As a result of this legacy, Architectural Grille has become one of the most recognized custom grille manufacturers in the industry. With quality custom metalwork and family dedication as its foundation, Architectural Grille looks forward to continuing its growth into the future.