Linear Bar Grille Frame Styles

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Whether you are looking for a classic style like the B Frame, the "clean line" aesthetics of a J Frame or more of a decorative style such as one of our Beveled Frames, Architectural Grille offers a variety of advanced premium quality Linear Bar Grille frame styles to complement your project design.

Standard Frame Styles:

  • A Frame: The 1/8” band around the core delivers a minimalist profile, this frame style also has a 1/2” return on the bottom for support and allows for the core to be loose (removable) or fixed to the frame depending on accessibility needs.
  • B Frame: With a  3/4” flange offering a classic style, the B Frame gives a bolder look to any core while 'covering' any rough or uneven cuts made for the air vent opening. Please note that the B Frame is fixed to the core.
  • C Frame: The best of both the A and B Frames, the C Frame has a 3/4” flange for a bolder look and a 1/2” return on the bottom for added support. It can be removable (loose) or fixed to the core and is recommended for floor applications.

Beveled Frame Styles:

  • D, E, F Frames: Featuring a flange like the B frame, to cover any rough or uneven air vent openings, each style offers varied flange sizes with a beveled edge for a more decorative look.

Specialty Frame Styles:

  • G Frame: When added stability isn’t required (it does not have a return), this frame style offers the same 1/8” bar around the perimeter of the core as the A Frame, it is also only available with a fixed core.
  • J Frame: With an easy "clean line" installation method, this "less is more" frame style is ideal for drywall or plaster applications. The 1/2” return at the bottom allows for the core to be loose (removable) or fixed to the frame.

Frame styles and cores are available in a range of stock sizes, materials and finishes, and can also be customized to your needs and project standards. Request a quote.

Bar Grille frame styles include: A Frame; B Frame; C Frame; D Frame; E Frame; F Frame; G Frame; J Frame (see thumbnails for individual cross-section profiles)

Standard Features:

Material Finish
Aluminum Satin, Mirror Polish, Primed, Anodized Colors (Clear, Black, Duranodic: Light, Medium, Dark), Powder Coating Colors
Brass Satin, Mirror Polish, Statuary (US10B): Light, Medium, Dark (Not available in D, E, F Frame styles)
Bronze Satin, Mirror Polish, Statuary (US10B): Light, Medium, Dark (Not available in D, E, F Frame styles)
Stainless Steel  Satin, Mirror Polish (Not available in D, E, F Frame styles)

NOTE: Please be advised that Architectural Grille does not provide anodizing services onsite, as a result we cannot be responsible for additional lead time(s) incurred. If you would like to select a powder coat color similar to an anodized color we now have that option available - please ask your Estimator for further details.

Downloads: See specific Linear Bar Grille models for download files


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