AG30 Green Bar Grille

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The AG30 Green Bar Grille is manufactured using post-consumer 94% recycled aluminum and can help you achieve LEED™ credits and certification for your next “green” commercial or residential project.

One of our most popular and aesthetically advanced eco-friendly models, the AG30 Green linear bar grille features zero deflection with broader fixed face blades than the AG10. This model is a sustainable choice that is ideal for any high traffic surface floor application as well as side walls, ceiling, countertop and window sills on your job site. Offering the best in high quality linear type air flow, the AG30 Green Bar Grille satisfies both architectural and engineering needs, as well as being environmentally responsible.

The AG30 Green Bar Grille is available in a variety of materials and finishes, and can be customized to your needs and project standards.

AG30 Green Bar Grille styles include: Core; A Frame; B Frame; C Frame; D Frame; E Frame; F Frame; G Frame; H Frame; I Frame; J Frame; K Frame (see thumbnails for individual cross-section profiles)

Standard Features:

Material Finish
Satin, Mirror Polish, Primed, Anodized Colors (Clear, Black, Duranodic: Light, Medium, Dark), Powder Coating Colors

*post-consumer 94% recycled aluminum

NOTE: Please be advised that Architectural Grille does not provide anodizing services onsite, as a result we cannot be responsible for additional lead time(s) incurred. If you would like to select a powder coat color similar to an anodized color we now have that option available - please ask your Estimator for further details.


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