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July 21, 2016

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Looking For An Easy Way to Install Your Linear Bar Grille?

Did you know that ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE offers Fastening Tabs for easy installation of our Linear Bar Grilles…and we will be including our NEW custom Hex Key and Hex Head Screws with every Linear Bar Grille ordered with tabs that require Hex Head Screws.

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Best for NYC Finalist 2015

The best businesses in New York City don’t just make a profit — they improve quality of life for all New Yorkers. That’s what we at Architectural Grille believe and why we’re proud to be a 2015 Best for NYC Finalist.

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Sotheby's 2016 Designer Showhouse + Auction

Architectural Grille recently collaborated with Kenneth Nilson and Christi Rogers of CRD Associates on custom metalwork for the Sotheby's 2016 Designer Showhouse (April 9-16) followed by the Auction on April 17.

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March 30, 2016

On Your Mark, Get Set, Design Challenge!

Staten Island charitable organization, On Your Mark, needed to internally connect their existing Cafe to a new Chocolatier Shop about to open next door. The design challenge is to give customers access to both spaces from within of the building which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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Scholars At Work: Taivon Edwards

With support from the NYC Small Business Services' Scholars at Work program, ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE offered full time positions to several high school students who participated in a 14-week paid internship program, including Taivon Edwards.

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Named "Business Ambassador" by NYC Small Business Services

ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE is proud to have been selected as a "Business Ambassador" in The Next Generation of Talent Business Ambassadors program, which is a partnership between NYC Small Business Services and NYC Businesses.

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November 02, 2015

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Press: NYC Small Business Solutions

After Hurricane Sandy, ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE was able to train select employees on JobBoss, AutoCad, Lean Mastery and other factory-specific software under the NYC Department of Small Business Services' Customized Training program.

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