Make the Details Matter

Make the Details Matter

There’s no question about it - the magic is in the details. Minor design elements in a home, like door and cabinet fronts, doggy doors, and even the simplest air vent covers all send subliminal messages about our interior style, who we are and what we love. When designing a stunning and elevated space, it’s crucial to pay attention to all these small but impactful moments...after all, lots of moments make up meaningful memories!

At Architectural Grille, we’re all about celebrating the details that add character and unique, artistic charm to everyday home features. Our custom metal fabrications, handcrafted by skilled artisans in Brooklyn, are designed to meet your design needs and add the icing on the cake when it comes to finishing a beautifully curated space.

Don’t let the details slip, they matter more than you might think! We’ll show you what we mean with these photos of our work in House Beautiful’s Whole Home, located in Fredericksburg, Texas.

This custom metal doggy door insert panel in the Whole Home features artistic dog bone cutouts below a gorgeous geometric pattern and is made using 94% post-consumer recycled aluminum with matte black powdercoat finish. Behind this door is a dog wash station and laundry room, perfect for Sunday cleaning and puppy bath time.

Check out the gorgeous solid brass infill panel we made for a media storage closet door in the Whole Home. The crisp, geometric pattern gives unique character to an otherwise boring closet door. It’s all in the details!

Here’s another cabinet infill panel, designed in a custom geometric design and fabricated from satin brass with a clear lacquer finish. Disguising the window bench’s built-in drawer storage and playing off the gold and white tones, this visually stunning piece complements the surrounding decor, textures and colors.

In the Whole Home’s outdoor kitchen, we created these gorgeous cabinet infill panels and outdoor shelving in a custom design (if you look closely you can see the L.H. Designs logo!) from 94% post-consumer recycled aluminum with a matte black powdercoat finish. These infill panels allow you to peek through the cabinets, while the shelving shows off your glassware, both creating a memorable visual moment.

Even the smallest design elements matter, especially when it comes to HVAC grilles, on ceilings or in corners, these are the last thing that a designer typically thinks about, but can have the biggest impact when you first walk into a room. The entire Whole Home features decorative vent covers in a simple yet impactful pattern called Grecian, made from solid brass with hand-brushed satin finish and clear lacquer. These everyday “boring” building products become a statement piece by contrasting with the paint and creating artistic moments throughout the house.

Handmade and custom designed solid brass and bronze bath shelving and toilet roll holders look crisp, elevated and unique in these Whole Home bath spaces. 

If you’re creating a unique space and want to highlight all the beautiful “little” details - let us help turn those moments into a memorable reality! We offer a huge selection of patterns and colors, materials and finishes for metal fabrication, our custom products will meet and exceed all your specifications! From decorative screens and cabinet infill panels, to shower drain covers, fencing, signage, stair risers, lighting, sunshades, and much more - our products will add sleek and stunning details to any interior or exterior space. Reach out to us today to get a quote to bring your artistic vision to life, after all, it’s the little details that matter the most!