House Beautiful Whole Home 2021: The Tasting Room

House Beautiful Whole Home 2021: The Tasting Room

The Tasting Room in the House Beautiful Whole Home is the ideal space for sharing cocktails and stories with loved ones. Armed with the challenge of utilizing a passageway space with lots of doors, designer Jean Liu decided to incorporate modern, artistic vibes both indoors and outdoors. From the Sip Zone, to the Wet Bar, to the outdoor Breezeway, Jean incorporated her signature “warm and edited” style into this space and chose to highlight the work of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAIP) designers throughout the room. Bringing together notes of brass, pink, black, and white, this stunning Tasting Room is perfect for storing bottles, hosting cocktail parties, or enjoying a nightcap.

The Designer: Dallas-based designer Jean Liu of Jean Liu Design

The Task: Design an elevated yet stylish space for entertaining, sipping drinks, showing off bottle collections, and mixing cocktails.

The Inspiration:
“So many of my clients have been asking for entertaining spaces where they can display their wine - or collections of mezcal and tequila - separate from their dining or living rooms,” Jean said. This tasting room, partially inspired by origami shapes and weavings in pink tones, features an outdoor dining room as well as a swanky cocktail station and sitting space. Jean incorporated works from Asian American designers throughout the room. “Being able to see all of these AAPI designers in one space is really heartening for me personally. It proves to me that they are doing important work, a huge part of our community, and should be celebrated in the way that I hope I have done here,” Jean said.

Don’t miss the…

  • Motorized, retractable screen door that allows the breeze to pass through (and keeps bugs out!)
  • Double refrigerator doors that can each be set to various temperatures
  • Origami-inspired corner bench
  • Wine rack with brass dowels and burgundy leather, which houses 20 bottles and disguises a hidden closet

Spot Architectural Grille in…

  • Custom HVAC grilles to match ceiling - vent covers feature perforated pattern #202 Grecian made from 94% post-consumer recycled aluminum with primed white finish - the builder painted onsite to match ceiling color!
  • Brass chair rail trim accent - custom solid brass lengths

Curious to explore more of House Beautiful’s Whole Home?! Grab the October/November 2021 print issue of the House Beautiful magazine, subscribe to get a digital issue for immediate access and check out the YouTube series Blank Slate, which shows the thought process behind each designer’s space.