House Beautiful Whole Home 2021: The Landing Zone

House Beautiful Whole Home 2021: The Landing Zone

This sprawling living room of the House Beautiful Whole Home feels welcoming and comfortable, thanks to designer Emilie Munroe, who melded a variety of colors and textures to create an inviting and happy space aptly named The Landing Zone. “Let’s be bold, let’s be colorful, let’s be vibrant and forward-thinking and create a magical environment for welcoming people into this home”. From the sunset-inspired feature wall, to the unique seating and comfy couches, to the vibrant decor details - this unique entrance area and family room is the ultimate blend of whimsical and warm to welcome everyone into this home.

The Designer: Emilie Munroe of San Francisco firm Studio Munroe.

The Task: Add vibrance, character, and inviting vibes into this massive living room space with 20-foot tall ceilings.

The Inspiration: Drawing inspiration from the beautiful Texas sunrise, the designer incorporated a mix of grounding, earthy colors with pops of vibrancy. “When I design with lots of colors, I like to think of it like a dinner party. You want to have a mix of personalities, but they all get along and no one commands too much attention” said Emily. Mixing flowy, watercolor shapes with geometric, linear shapes helps to add balance between the feminine and masculine elements in this room.

Don’t miss the…

  • Back-to-back tuxedo sofas that create symmetry in this huge space
  • Cozy sitting area next to the fireplace
  • Ombre sunrise pattern feature wall

Spot Architectural Grille in…

  • Custom HVAC grilles - vent covers feature perforated pattern #202 Grecian made from satin brass with a clear lacquer finish 

If you can’t get enough of House Beautiful’s Whole Home, be sure to pick up a copy of the October/November 2021 print issue of the House Beautiful magazine, subscribe to get a digital issue for immediate access and check out the YouTube series Blank Slate, which shows the thought process behind each designer’s space.