House Beautiful Whole Home 2021 - The Hideout

New York based designer Mikel Welch, known for his work with HGTV and his iconic New York based design firm, wanted “the owners to have a space of their own that’s not a bedroom and not an office” in the House Beautiful Whole Home located outside Fredericksburg, TX. Mikel successfully transformed the intimate space into a cozy and relaxing den using neutral colors and tons of textures, his motto “neutrals don’t have to be boring,” really came through in this inviting and tranquil sitting room. By adding lots of layers, Mikel was able to incorporate various textures and tones that aligned with his neutral vision and created The Hideout with “cave-like energy by bathing every surface in palate-cleansing neutrals”.

The Designer: Mikel Welch of Mikel Welch Designs.

The Task: Create an intimate relaxation space that’s separate from the bedroom and not an office - providing a neutral backdrop for cozy conversations over cups of tea, daytime naps, and evening reads.

The Inspiration: Mikel’s goal was to design an area in the home for the owners to decompress from the day and detach from the rest of the house in this cave-like retreat.

Don’t miss the…

  • Handwoven wool rug
  • Oversized sofa
  • Bouclé swivel chairs
  • Double-tiered chandelier
  • Bright hallway corridor, connecting the owner’s suite to the den

Spot Architectural Grille in…

  • Custom HVAC grille in the hallway entrance - vent cover feature perforated pattern #202 Grecian made from satin brass with a clear lacquer finish

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