House Beautiful Whole Home 2021: The Flex Space

House Beautiful Whole Home 2021: The Flex Space

We’re thrilled to have partnered with House Beautiful once again on this year’s very special Whole Home which celebrates their 125th anniversary, and to have been featured on the front page cover - for the third time! House Beautiful’s Next Wave designers were given the chance to show off their unique styles within the craftsman-style concept house built by Agave Custom Homes, located in the Hidden Springs community just outside downtown Fredericksburg, Texas. Our custom HVAC grilles and decorative metalwork add character throughout the 2021 Whole Home - especially the stunning biophilic designed Flex Space, by Laura Hodges of Laura Hodges Studio, which just happens to be featured on the magazine cover this year.

The Designer: Laura Hodges of Laura Hodges Studio

The Task: Design a wellness-focused home office which brings the outdoors inside and doubles as a gym while embracing biophilic design elements.


The Inspiration: Baltimore-based designer Laura Hodges created this no-pressure workout room and office in the hopes of transforming a typical office space - which may not be used as much as a kitchen or dining room - into a functional staple of the house. Drawing inspiration from the beautiful landscape outside the home, Laura’s goal was to design around the view by bringing nature into the space, using natural materials, textures, and lots of plants, however she faced a unique challenge of merging two key functions into the room - creating both a work office and a home gym. “Having the two-in-one room is not only dual purpose, but it also makes sure that you’re using the space,” she explains, “it’s not just a home office that you sometimes use and otherwise goes unused.” Laura was able to embrace the multifunctional aspect of the space by choosing furniture that doubles as both gym equipment and office decor, with an attention to aesthetics.

 Don’t miss the…

  • Work desk that breaks down into various pieces for you to step, jump, plank, or push-up on during a home workout.
  • Backless chair that promotes better posture and stays hidden under the desk.
  • Solid pine wall decor which is part suspension trainer and part plant holder.

 Spot Architectural Grille in the...

  • Cabinet Infill Panels - custom geometric design made from satin brass with a clear lacquer finish that “disguises” the window seat’s built-in drawer storage.

Can’t get enough of the Whole Home? Grab the October/November 2021 print issue of the House Beautiful magazine, subscribe to get a digital issue for immediate access and check out the YouTube series Blank Slate, which shows the thought process behind each designer’s space - check out the episode featuring Laura Hodges!