Design Trendspotting: Maximalism

Design Trendspotting: Maximalism

A beautiful space relies on an aesthetic balance of patterns, textures, and colors. But what happens when you turn up the volume a little louder? Maximalist design creates feelings of joy and excitement, tying together a variety of vibrant elements to harness a cheerful, bold, and authentic environment.

Layering an eclectic mix of details within a space is a great way to express style. From the choice of furniture, to wall art, rugs, and even the building materials - adding a fun mix of styles will draw the eye in and create an air of excitement when you walk into a space.

Maximalism has taken the world by storm, trending on social media and dominating style blogs. Something about the moody mix of personal style and bold colors and patterns has a way of making people happy. It’s so much more personal and inviting than a cold, minimal space design. Infused with authenticity, maximalism has a way of telling a story and bringing a room to life. It’s impossible to frown when you walk into a vibrant space like this one in House Beautiful’s Whole Home Texas!

So, how can you harness maximalism in your designs? Our tip is to pay attention to the details. Nothing kills the mood in an eccentric and lively room quite like a boring HVAC vent cover, a solid white door, plain cabinets, or a predictable doggy door.

Our custom vent covers keep the maximalist vibes going strong, even down to the smallest details. We offer a variety of patterned, perforated grilles to add a bold flair in every aspect of your space. From honeycomb, to mosaic, to petals, and much more - our HVAC covers are the icing on the cake for stunning, maximalist designs.

Next time you’re engaging your inner designer, think outside the box and go big with maximalism! Remember to keep all the little details in mind, adding a variety of textures, patterns, and colors. Make the space a visual treat by infusing your character into the design in every possible aspect.

Interested to use our custom metal panels or HVAC grille covers in your next project? We have you covered. Request a quote today and we’ll even help you choose the perfect materials and finish for your custom metal designs! The possibilities are endless.