Architectural Grille: Sustainability Guide

Architectural Grille: Sustainability Guide

At Architectural Grille, we are proud to offer metal fabricated products that aren’t just top quality, but also good for the planet. Being committed advocates of the lean manufacturing process, we aim to minimize waste in every way possible and even use solar to reduce our carbon footprint!

We haven’t just “talked the talk” when it comes to sustainability - we’re living it every single day! In partnership with Solar Energy Systems, we mounted a massive solar array to our roof, which reduces our factory's carbon footprint by 258 metric tons of CO2 each year. That’s right - we have 1,078 Trina solar panels across 80,000 sq. ft. of our roof space!

Lean manufacturing in metal fabrication seeks to eliminate waste on all production phases and we achieve this across all areas of our factory::

  • Office: Reduce need for printed documents by using Docusign and other digital programs/devices which eliminate the need for physical paperwork with clients and between office/factory departments
  • Factory: Incorporate digital work boards/screens and personal devices which monitor productivity and production times for product turnaround
  • Shipping Department: Cardboard boxes that are shipped to our factory are shredded and reused as packing materials inside outgoing orders
  • Powdercoat Line: Choosing to use a powder to coat our products allows us to reuse any powder not needed, and also is less harmful to the environment than using a liquid product in the “baking” process which adheres the paint to the product
  • Cutting Department: Any metal which is laser cut or punched out of patterns and designs (also known as slugs!) is recycled as scrap metal to be reborn as something else. Slugs are sorted out into separate collection bins at each machine to make it easier for the scrap metal to be collected + upcycled.

Besides turning to solar energy as a sustainable resource, and practicing lean manufacturing throughout the office and factory, we’ve also been utilizing recycled, raw materials. Did you know that ALL of our aluminum products are made from 94% post-consumer recycled aluminum? Aluminum is fully recyclable, so it can be reused time and time again, with no loss in quality. 

We use this recycled material to create HVAC linear bar and perforated grilles, decorative panels, and much more. Using our “green” grilles can also help achieve LEED™ credits and certification for your next eco-friendly commercial or residential project.

Ordering a linear bar grille in 94% post-consumer recycled aluminum is a super easy way to beautify the smallest details in your space, with a focus on sustainability. Our eco-conscious HVAC grilles are available in both stock and custom sizes, offering an elevated and environmentally-friendly ventilation option.

Maybe you’ll go for the AG20 Green Linear Bar Grille - a popular, eco-friendly choice that is known in the HVAC industry for advanced directional air flow. The AG20 delivers an attractive design suited for environmentally responsible commercial and residential projects. At 45° deflection, the AG20 Green Bar Grille is a sustainable product that has the greatest angle of deflection of all of our linear bar grille models, which optimizes air flow into any given space.

Another great option is the AG30 Green Linear Bar Grille, one of our most popular and aesthetically advanced sustainable models. This grille features zero deflection with broader fixed face blades, offering a sustainable choice that is ideal for any high traffic surface floor application as well as side walls, ceiling, countertop and window sills on your job site.

Ready to explore your options when it comes to sustainable HVAC grilles without sacrificing the aesthetics? Request a quote for your project today! Whether you find what you need in stock, or want to have something custom built just for you - we’re here to help.