Spackle In J-Frame Bar Grille

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Architectural Grille offers the original Spackle In J-Frame Bar Grille with a variety of core styles depending on desired deflection and diffusion for any modern space. It is ideal for ceiling and wall applications where a flush, borderless installation is required to achieve a clean line and minimalist design - "less is more" with this premium quality product for your next residential or commercial project.

Manufactured using post-consumer 94% recycled aluminum, the Spackle In J-Frame Bar Grille can help you achieve LEED™ credits and certification for your next “green” project.

Two (2) Methods of Fastening are available:

  • #512: Drop-in Grille "Spackle in Frame" - welded core cannot be removed
  • #513: Drop-in Grille "Spackle in Frame" Removable Core with Fastening Tabs* (core can be removed)
  • *NOTE: Custom Hex Key and Head Screws for Fastening Tabs are proved with #513 option

The Spackle In J-Frame Bar Grille is available in a variety of materials and finishes, and can also be customized to your needs and project standards. Request a quote.

Spackle In J-Frame Bar Grille core styles include: AG10; AG20; AG30; AG40; AG50; AG60 (see thumbnails for individual cross-section profiles)

Standard Features:

  • Flush borderless installation for plaster and drywall applications
  • Ideal for wall and/or ceiling applications
  • Creates a smooth, seamless clean look
  • Grille becomes part of the wall and/or ceiling
  • Pre-punched fastening points provided for quick installation with standard drywall screws
  • Mitered Corners available
  • Custom Spacing between bars available
    Material Finish
    Aluminum Satin, Mirror Polish, Primed, Anodized Colors (Clear, Black, Duranodic: Light, Medium, Dark), Powder Coating Colors
    Brass Satin, Mirror Polish, Statuary (US10B): Light, Medium, Dark
    Bronze Satin, Mirror Polish, Statuary (US10B): Light, Medium, Dark
    Stainless Steel  Satin, Mirror Polish


    Product Page
    Cutsheet PDF: 512

    Cutsheet PDF: 513

    DWG Design Files: 512

    DWG Design Files: 513


    Fastening & Mounting Methods

    Measuring Instructions

    Finishes & Colors

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