Looking For An Easy Way to Install Your Linear Bar Grille?

Did you know that ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE offers Fastening Tabs for easy installation of our Linear Bar Grilles…

What’s a Fastening Tab?

A type of mounting fastener which consists of a small piece of metal with a screw hole in the center which is the same material as the linear bar grille. The tab is welded to the back of the core making it hidden from view and allows for easy installation to the frame or opening using screws (either wood or hex head depending on application). The frame is first attached to the opening according to your preferred method of fastening, then the core is screwed into the frame using the fastening tabs and hex head screws. 

Which Methods of Fastening use Fastening Tabs?

Architectural Grille is proud to announce that we will be including our NEW custom Hex Key and Hex Head Screws with every Linear Bar Grille ordered with tabs that require Hex Head Screws.

*NOTE: Methods of Fastening #502 and #509 are used for drop-in core grilles and need to be attached directly to the opening using wood screws, as there is no frame with these fastening methods, therefore hex head screws are not included.