House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House 2020 Up Close: The Boomer Suite

ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE has been thrilled to partner once again with House Beautiful on their 2020 Whole Home Concept House. This year’s Whole Home Concept House was built by Nicholas Custom Homes in Colorado’s Fox Hill, an eco-friendly community built around a sustainable farm, and proceeds from tours benefit SECOR Cares, a Colorado-based nonprofit dedicated to serving those struggling with food insecurity. Read more about the project here.

Our HVAC grilles and custom metalwork can be spotted throughout the entire house. First, we walked you through the stunning artisan kitchen, which features our custom brass infill panels, including that gorgeous vegetable storage bin! Then, we took a walk through the treehouse-inspired dining room, followed by a soothing cup in the tea room. Now, we’re kicking up our feet in the all-in-one Boomer Suite.

Boomer Suite

The Designer: Tiffany Brooks

The Task: To design an all-in-one apartment for visiting parents — or adult children — to stay in comfort. Equipped with its own kitchen and living space, the Boomer Suite has everything family and friends need to drop their bags and relax.

Boomer suite Kitchen Area

The Inspiration:  Inspired by her own parents’ personal style, designer Tiffany Brooks incorporated a “90s done right” mauve and green color palette. Textured metalwork is placed carefully throughout the space to evoke a sense of visual interest.

Boomer Suite Living Area

Don’t miss the… 

  • Outdoor patio equipped with a fireplace
  • Bedroom featuring a four-poster bed and chandelier
Boomer Suite Bedroom

Spot Architectural Grille in the...

  • Chair Rail Trim Accent – a custom multi-layered design with “Honeycomb” embedded studs, made from aluminum with two different powder coat finishes
  • Fireplace Art Wall – the same custom “Honeycomb” pattern, made from aluminum with a matte black powder coat finish

      Boomer Suite Outdoor Patio

      Can’t get enough of the Whole Home Concept House? Grab the November 2020 print issue of House Beautiful, subscribe to get a digital issue for immediate access, and check out the YouTube series Building the Dream, which explores a different room each week.