House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House 2020 Up Close: HVAC Throughout the House

ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE has been thrilled to partner once again with House Beautiful on their 2020 Whole Home Concept House. This year’s Whole Home Concept House was built by Nicholas Custom Homes in Colorado’s Fox Hill, an eco-friendly community built around a sustainable farm, and proceeds from tours benefit SECOR Cares, a Colorado-based nonprofit dedicated to serving those struggling with food insecurity. Read more about the project here.

Our HVAC grilles and custom metalwork can be spotted throughout the entire house. First, we explored the beautiful artisan kitchen designed by Studio Dearborn, which features our custom brass infill panels. Then, we stopped by the treehouse-inspired dining room from Andrea Schumacher Interiors before a visit to Marie Flanigan's vibrant tea room. Next up was a walkthrough of the all-in-one boomer suite from Tiffany Brooks followed by the multi-purpose space of the playroom envisioned by the team at Me + General Design. Now, we will explore the entire home, along with a feature that you’ll see throughout every room, the HVAC grilles.


The Designer: Architectural Grille

The Task: This year’s Whole Concept House features an impressive array of designers. And our mission was to complement each room’s design and function with custom metalwork.

Included throughout the house, you’ll find ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE’s linear bar grille frames, which highlight the home’s unique and modern design.

Floor Vent

The Inspiration: ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE was given the unique privilege of collaborating with 12 star designers to create custom metalwork for each room in the house to complete these spaces for sustainable, multi-generational living. From the honeycomb-shaped art wall in the boomer suite to the cabinetry inlay frame accents in the tea room, custom designs by ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE can be seen across the entire house.

Simple and efficient, we included our sleek HVAC grilles featuring the AG10 C Frame, AG10 H Frame, and AG10 J Frame styles to put a finishing touch on the modern design of the entire home. In the spirit of the Whole Concept House’s natural inspiration, each HVAC cover is made of almost entirely recycled aluminum. The AG10 J Frames lining the walls, ceilings, and toe kicks were primed so that the final color could match the wall paint in each room, while the AG10 C Frames used in the floors were a matte black powder coat finish.

Living Room

Don’t miss the… 

  • Custom honeycomb-patterned fireplace art wall in the boomer suite
  • HVAC frames complementing the wall of the stunning living room and playroom
  • HVAC frames along the floors and toe kicks, which feature clean design and contrasting colors


Spot Architectural Grille in the...

  • AG10 C Frame with welded core, made of 94% recycled aluminum with a matte black powder coat finish
  • AG10 H Frame with removable core, made of 94% recycled aluminum with a black powder coat finish
  • AG10 J Frame with removable core, made of 94% recycled aluminum with a primed finish to allow color matching to house paint

Floor Vent

Can’t get enough of the Whole Home Concept House? Grab the December 2020 print issue of House Beautiful, subscribe to get a digital issue for immediate access, and check out the YouTube series Building the Dream, which explores a different room each week.