September 08, 2020

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Design Trendspotting: Surprising Saffron

Somewhere on the spectrum between gold and orange, saffron is a sophisticated, rich hue that designers are using now more than ever to brighten up indoor spaces. The Pantone Color Institute named saffron one of its top color trends for Spring and Summer 2020, noting how the shade feels both familiar and exciting. Saffron, used alone or in a multi-color combination, can be optimistic and energizing. And though the warm hue feels particularly apt in the summer months, it translates beautifully to any season — and pairs beautifully with Classic Blue, which Pantone named its 2020 color of the year.

Dutch Orange

Depending on the shade of saffron you use, the color can feel either earthy or luxe. And although the color might seem overwhelming on a paint swatch, many people don’t realize how much they like a yellow-hued room until they see it in person. Yellows can make smaller spaces appear bigger, and even a saffron accent wall can expand and energize a space while maintaining an overall relaxing vibe.

Saffron also connects us to two major influences in popular culture: food and travel. The eponymous spice is used in rice dishes from paella to tahdig to risotto, dishes both comforting and exciting. Saffron’s strong ties to Morocco, Spain, Iran, France, and India mean that the color can be used to evoke the culture and history of these places, especially when paired with personal objects and art.

We kept the warmth of saffron in mind when we created our Sorrento Perforated Grille. Perched on the Amalfi Coast, the Italian town of Sorrento is famous for its stunning cliffs and sun-drenched groves, where Sorrento Lemons are harvested to produce limoncello. Those fruits are recreated in our grille, with the iconic lemon shape creating more open area to achieve optimal air flow and ventilation for any residential or commercial space.

At ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE, we keep our eye on design so that we can provide our clients with metalwork that meets their needs, from grilles to custom pieces. Take a look at our vast array of grille designs to find one that perfectly complements your current project. If the perfect pattern doesn’t exist, we can create it. Questions about custom grille designs? Contact us or, if you know what you’re looking for, request a quote.


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