January 28, 2021

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Design Trendspotting: Joy

After a tumultuous year like 2020, we’re all eager to have aspects of life to celebrate. And after experts weighed in on design trends to look forward to in the new year, one particularly uplifting prediction is joyful design.


What exactly does that mean, and how do you convey such a strong emotion in an interior? Feelings are abstract, so it can be a challenge to express them visually. Joyful design celebrates life through vibrant colors, exciting patterns, and unique forms. A happy interior may feature a wall full of bright shades and motifs, uniquely-shaped furniture, and wall displays that remind the home or business owner of the aspects of life that make them smile.

Bright Colors
Joyful design can  be found in all types of shapes, forms, and colors. We see it in everything from nature to photos of our families framed on the wall.

When integrating joyful design into our grilles, we incorporated the pattern of a Frangipani flower, which can be seen throughout the island of Kauai, into our Kauai Perforated Grille. We designed this grille after a vacation in Hawaii, where this flower blooms in every island and is commonly seen in leis. This grille is perfect to add joy to your indoor decor, or for outdoor applications to welcome in a natural feel.
Grille Pattern

With a variety of materials and finishes to choose from, this pattern can be fully customized in size and thickness to suit both your engineering and architectural needs.

 Kauai Perforated Grille

Designed for optimal air flow capacity and ventilation, this flower pattern is an eye-catching piece perfectly suited to spark joy within any interior.

Here at ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE, we stay ahead of design trends so that we can provide our clients with metalwork that meets their needs, from grilles to custom pieces. We love it when a client finds a pattern within our vast array of grille designs that perfectly complements their current project, but if the perfect pattern doesn’t exist, we can surely create it. Questions about custom grille designs? Contact us or, if you know what you’re looking for, request a quote.