March 22, 2021

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Design Trendspotting: Going Green

Although sustainability in design is nothing new, making environmentally-conscious decisions in the home is projected to be a major trend throughout 2021 — and it’s no surprise, considering nature’s calming effects on the mind.

What does going green mean for the home? From installing solar panels on the exterior to using elements like vintage furniture and reclaimed pieces, going green stays true to the concept of recycling and upcycling.

Go green

Sustainable materials like wood are a hallmark of green design, as are upcycled furniture and other types of decor. For example, antique store and flea market finds not only add a vintage touch to your space, but they can also be repainted, and repurposed to create a completely unique and customized piece.

green design

Going green also lends itself to limitless creativity — even an item as everyday as a used soup can or worn-down pair of boots can be made into a clever plant pot.


Plant pot


When integrating green design into our grilles, we took the concept of recycling and waste reduction to heart with our series of “Green” Linear Bar Grilles. Made with the same durability and level of quality as our standard bar grilles, ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE’s Green Grilles are made from 94% post-consumer recycled aluminum.

sustainable interior

With a variety of materials and finishes to choose from, this style of grille can be fully customized in size and thickness to suit both your engineering and architectural needs.

Green Grille

Designed for optimal air flow capacity and ventilation, our Green Grilles are a perfect set of products that make it easy to incorporate sustainable design.

Here at ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE, we stay ahead of design trends so that we can provide our clients with metalwork that meets their needs, from grilles to custom pieces. We love it when a client finds a pattern within our vast array of grille designs that perfectly complements their current project, but if the perfect pattern doesn’t exist, we can surely create it. Questions about custom grille designs? Contact us or, if you know what you’re looking for, request a quote.