March 11, 2021

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Design Trendspotting: Cottagecore

One design trend that sprouted up to counter the uncertainty of the past year is cottagecore. You may have heard the term before, but what does it mean? Think of a warm, cozy cabin in the woods filled with inviting furnishings, clothing, and decor made of natural materials. That is the essence of cottagecore, and it’s this month’s featured trend.

CottagecoreHanging plants, wooden floors and furniture, and rustic decor are the roots of cottagecore. It invokes a sense of comforting nostalgia that serves as a counterpoint to the chaos of current events. The style has a wide range and can be as simple as incorporating houseplants into your space for a touch of nature or adding well-worn and loved vintage furniture throughout your home.

Cottagecore decor

An aesthetic inspired by simplistic design, cottagecore invites the feeling of home as a safe haven, somewhere you can’t wait to return to or to stay in, relax, and take life a little more slowly.


When integrating cottagecore into our grilles, we looked to nature in the form of a clover pattern. Often considered to be lucky, the four-leafed clover is a rare variation of the more common three-leafed variety. At Architectural Grille, we wanted to share good luck in March, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, with our 204 Clover Leaf Perforated Grille.

204 Clover Leaf Perforated Grille

With a variety of materials and finishes to choose from, this pattern can be fully customized in size and thickness to suit both your engineering and architectural needs.

clover leaf perforated grille

Designed for optimal air flow capacity and ventilation, this clover pattern is an eye-catching piece perfectly suited to spark joy within any interior.

Here at ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE, we stay ahead of design trends so that we can provide our clients with metalwork that meets their needs, from grilles to custom pieces. We love it when a client finds a pattern within our vast array of grille designs that perfectly complements their current project, but if the perfect pattern doesn’t exist, we can surely create it. Questions about custom grille designs? Contact us or, if you know what you’re looking for, request a quote.