January 09, 2020

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Architectural Grille Unveils 12 New Perforated Grille Designs

ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE has added 12 new designs to its wide-ranging collection of perforated grille patterns. Inspired by nature, art, and historical design movements, the company’s curated collection of designs is constantly expanding in order to meet the needs of clients looking for grilles to complement unique residential or commercial styles, as well as those looking for historically accurate patterns for use in renovation projects. ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE also works with clients to create custom grille designs in a variety of materials and finishes. 

New Designs Add Modern Class and a Touch of Whimsy

Known for producing grille designs inspired by their global travels, cultural experiences, and architectural influences, the team at ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE regularly experiments with new materials, techniques, and product applications in order to add to the variety of patterns the company is able to offer its clientele. The latest additions include: 

“We are proud to offer our clients not only technical perfection but also creativity and originality,” says Stephen J. Giumenta, ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE Co-Owner & Design Engineer. “We know that it’s the details that complete a project, and we hope these new designs will be the ideal finishing touch for the discerning designers, contractors, and architects we serve.”    

View all ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE’s grille designs and learn more about available materials and finishes.

Perforated Grilles — A Good Choice

Choosing perforated grilles when designing or updating a commercial or residential HVAC system offers many advantages. Perforated grilles help reduce sound levels, require limited maintenance, and are long lasting and durable. They’re lightweight and can be used for interior or exterior applications, and buildings that use exterior perforated metal sheets can bring in substantial energy savings as a result of HVAC and lighting consumption reductions.

What’s more, perforated metal grilles are a sustainable design option. Excess metal leftover from the sheet metal manufacturing process, known as slugs, can be recycled to create new sheets and reduce waste. A proud member of the United States Green Building Council, ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE can actively source recycled metals and alloys, reclaimed woods, and other sustainable materials for eco-friendly projects.

Technology Opens Up Even More Design Possibilities

In addition to offering a huge array of stock perforated grilles, ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE provides custom metal products, made to specification and crafted on-site at the company’s facility in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE uses state-of-the-art machinery incorporating CNC punch, laser, and waterjet technologies in order to offer extensive capabilities that include AutoCAD design, welding, bending, powder coating, and finishing, all of which can be applied not just to perforated grilles but also to other areas of construction and interior design, including decorative screening, logos, and artwork. ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE has the ability to cut any pattern or design into any material — including acrylic, wood, glass, marble, and all metals — with pin-point accuracy, allowing architects and designers the power to translate their ideas and creativity into reality.


Based in Brooklyn, New York and family-owned and operated since 1945, ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE (www.archgrille.com) is the leader in engineering and manufacturing custom bar grilles, perforated grilles, egg crate grilles, and custom products including made-to-order grilles. Fabricated using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment including water jets, lasers, and CNC turret shapers and lathes, ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE’s products are meticulously and precisely made. From engineers to hand polishers, each craftsman at ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE knows the importance of perfection. Follow @architecturalgrille on Facebook and @archgrille on Instagram. 

Questions about this press release? Contact Adriana Giumenta, ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE Brand Development, at adriana@archgrille.com.