July 23, 2020

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Architectural Grille Launches the Construction Grille Collection

ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE has added three new linear bar grille frame styles specifically designed for the construction industry to its variety of custom heating and ventilation linear bar grilles for floor, wall, and ceiling HVAC applications. The additions include two new spackle-in frame styles + a floor mounted option, following on the popularity of ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE’s original Spackle In J-Frame to complete the Construction Grille Collection.

I Grille

In addition to the wide selection of standard, beveled, and specialty core and frame style options, ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE can also custom fabricate curved grilles (convex, concave, and flat face) in several core and frame style options. Materials include aluminum, brass, bronze, and stainless steel, and grilles are available in a number of finishes. Options such as beveled edges, mitered corners, and access doors give clients more flexibility when choosing the perfect grille for the job. 

History of the Spackle In J-Frame Bar Grille

Thirty years ago, ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE started receiving client requests for an easy, “clean line” installation method for wall and ceiling HVAC applications. To satisfy this growing need, the company’s engineers researched and developed the original Spackle In J-Frame Bar Grille. The Spackle In J-Frame Bar Grille allows for easy installation using common drywall screws and spackle to achieve a sleek aesthetic finish with no visible mounting screws. Minimalist design at its best, this grille offers a sleek finish for projects that require a "less is more" approach to HVAC grilles. 


Now, ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE is proud to offer three more low-profile grilles that are specifically designed to be installed during the construction phase and are perfect for modern and high-end spaces.

H Grille

New Frame Styles Provide Even More Flexibility

ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE’s three new construction linear bar grille frame styles are:

  • H-Frame Bar GrilleIdeal for floor applications, this grille is designed to be installed before the flooring is laid, making it flush with the floor and borderless and resulting in a smooth, seamless look. Available with either a fixed, welded core or a removable core. 
  • Spackle In I-Frame Bar Grille - Ideal for wall and/or ceiling applications, this grille comes with pre-punched fastening points for quick installation with standard drywall screws, again resulting in a flush, borderless installation where the grille becomes part of the floor or ceiling. Available only as a drop-in, spackle-in frame with a welded core.
  • Spackle In K-Frame Bar Grille - Like the I-Frame, the K-Frame is ideal for wall and/or ceiling applications and comes with pre-punched fastening points for quick installation with standard drywall screws. This grille is designed to be installed before drywall and is available with either a fixed, welded core or a removable core.

J Frame

Like the Spackle In J-Frame Bar Grille, all construction frames are green bar grilles, meaning they are made from 94% post-consumer recycled aluminum. Not only are they an eco-friendly option, but choosing responsibly manufactured grilles helps obtain LEED™ credits for commercial and residential projects.

“Some projects call for grille frames that are more understated than your classic linear bar grille,” says Stephen J. Giumenta, ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE Co-Owner & Design Engineer. “That need, along with giving the building industry more HVAC options during the construction phase, is something we have long understood, as our design and engineering teams work closely with builders and HVAC installers to manufacture custom metalwork all the time. Now, we’re bringing frame options that were previously available solely on a custom basis to a much broader audience, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.”    

View all ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE’s linear bar grille frame styles to learn more about the wide variety of available materials and finishes.


Based in Brooklyn, New York and family-owned and operated since 1945, ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE (www.archgrille.com) is the leader in engineering and manufacturing custom bar grilles, perforated grilles, egg crate grilles, and custom products including made-to-order grilles. Fabricated using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment including water jets, lasers, and CNC turret shapers and lathes, ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE’s products are meticulously and precisely made. From engineers to hand polishers, each craftsman at ARCHITECTURAL GRILLE knows the importance of perfection. Follow @architecturalgrille on Facebook and @archgrille on Instagram.