We're Proudly Made in NYC

Architectural Grille was proud to take part in "Wanted Designs week" conducted through the Pratt Center for Community Development. The goal of this series was to educate designers on what it takes to get a design or idea ready for production and help introduce them to local manufacturers. The first tour took place at our headquarters and below you will find their full article entitled "Design for Production Tour 1: Architectural Grille".

Based in Brooklyn, Architectural Grille has a long history of working with many types of clients and designers to provide both stock and custom metal work. 

The three generation family business, started by Federico Giumenta in 1945 and carried on by his grandsons Stephen and Anthony Giumenta, has transformed from a brass handle metal working business to a state-of-the-art custom design and fabrication facility.  Architectural Grille’s work can be found in places like Citi Field, home of the NY Mets, as well as businesses and residences working with specialty interior designers like Kenneth Nilson who contracts with Architectural Grille for custom metal work.

Located directly on the Gowanus Canal, Architectural Grille suffered serious flooding during Super Storm Sandy.  The result was millions of dollars in destroyed equipment and a need to completely rebuild the 55,000 square foot factory floor from the ground up.  Until the factory was ready for operation the business had to postpone work for all of its 50 employees, but has since been able to build the business back to the point where it has rehired 30 staff members. The company is committed to bringing back all 50 workers.

It was almost like a blessing in disguise” said Adriana Yellachich, the Brand Development representative for Architectural Grille.  As a result of the flooding Stephen Giumenta and his team worked to rebuild the factory to increase efficiencies in production that would have been impossible to do during regular production operations. This investment in lean manufacturing will help Architectural Grille to operate faster and more effectively.

The actual production floor of Architectural Grille features equipment ranging from hand tool and welding stations to mechanical metal stampers to laser cutters  and even a powder coating and finishing station.  Having all the machinery and capabilities under one roof allows Architectural Grille to complete orders faster and less expensively, and to ensure quality without a need to outsource.  Many of the machines found at Architectural Grille are “CNC driven” which allows designers to turn digital AutoCAD files into reality.

All these capabilities make Architectural Grille an appealing manufacturer to work with as a designer. Interior Designer Kenneth Nilson has been using Architectural Grille to develop custom, one-of-a-kind pieces for years with great success.

Moving forward Architectural Grille plans to continue its build back, which will include the development of a complete materials cataloging system, and a library of available metals. Additionally, a large scale solar energy system is being installed on the roof, which will allow the business to generate electricity for use. The commitment to building back and investing in their facility is a testament to the strength of the New York City manufacturing community.

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