Press: Proud of our Veteran Employees

Co-Owner & Design Engineer, Stephen Giumenta was recently interviewed by Leslie Albrecht for DNA Info about the benefits of retaining older workers. The article, "How Older Workers Are Helping Small NYC Businesses Thrive", highlights our older employees being the company's backbone and the importance of veteran workers imparting their extensive knowledge to incoming employees who are just starting out in the metalworking industry.

Architectural Grille was also featured as a contributing "Age Smart Employer" for the The Age Smart Industry Guide (released March 2015). This guide states that the average manufacturing worker in the USA is 56 years old (NYCEDC Report) and that if workers leave the work force at retirement age, economists predict a shortfall of 10 million skilled manufacturing workers by 2020 (The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). With only one (1) skilled trade worker entering the workforce for every three (3) workers who are retiring or leaving (U.S. Department of Commerce), it is becoming more important now than ever before to embrace our veteran employees.

To read more about NYC manufacturing businesses and strategies they use to meet retain veteran employees, visit:

Check out our employees in the DNA Info article slideshow: (L-R) Shaikh Islam; Angel Arroyo; Joseph Leto (yes that's our very own Uncle Joe!).