Architectural Grille Attends TEDxGowanus Talks

Stephen Giumenta, co-owner and design engineer at Architectural Grille was invited to attend the TEDxGowanus inaugural event this past Sunday, January 26th 2014 at The Green Building and 501 Union in Brooklyn, NY.

Sludgie the Whale at TEDxGowanus

The one-day event brought together community leaders, artists, local business owners and residents with TED-style discussions ranging from the ongoing challenges of pollution in the Gowanus Canal, to the innovation of Street Creeks, even Sludgie the Whale made an appearance! 

What is TED I hear you ask? Founded in 1984, TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading and stands for Technology + Entertainment + Design. It is a forum where experts, visionaries and the world’s “thinkers and doers” are challenged to discuss their contributions to society in 18 minutes or less.

TEDxGowanus Main Speaker ForumWhat’s the relationship between TED and TEDx? TEDx consists of independently organized events which are planned and coordinated on the local level vs global stage that TED is known for.  TEDx allows communities, organizations and individuals a channel of open communication through a series of talks on a wide variety of relevant topics directly and/or indirectly affecting that specific area.

Why TEDxGowanus now? Basically it’s about time to start the dialogue affecting our day to day living and working in Gowanus, how can we make a positive impact on the area, can we reintroduce an eco-infrastructure, what’s the deal with a Superfund anyway? These questions and more were raised and openly discussed, the conversation floodgates opened & TEDx officially arrived in Gowanus!

Who would be crazy enough to dive the Gowanus Canal live - John D'Aquino with the Coney Island River Rats of course! Watch Lenny Speregen discuss the life of a river rat & why John D'Aquino would want to dive the filthiest waterways in the nation for TEDxGowanus.

After 8 hours of thought provoking discussions, it was time for TEDxGowanus attendees and speakers to take a sneak peek and interact over a game of shuffle board whilst enjoy the libations at The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club before their official opening next week.

Stephen Giumenta, Architectural Grille and Nicole Austin, Kings County Distillery

On a lighter note…what’s not to love about our neighbors here on 2nd Avenue, Gowanus Print Lab offering FREE screen printing at TEDxGowanus! Check out Stephen with our good friend Nicole Austin at Kings County Distillery (chemical engineer extraordinaire who whips up batches of bourbon around Brooklyn!) holding up their custom TEDxGowanus t-shirts. Shout out to Phil Morgan of Hecho Inc. (Brooklyn-based design and construction firm) for being Stephen's 'wingman' for the event along with Nicole! 

Huge thanks goes out to Sean Gannet - congratulations on putting together a wide variety of educated and informative speakers, looking forward to the next TEDxGowanus event and supporting your efforts to better the Gowanus community.

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